Are you unhappy with your current light sources, and are you planning to increase your energy savings on your next lighting project? One f the most efficient types of lighting is LED lighting, and it is more affordable because of its plummeting component prices. It is essential to define the issues that you need to be addressed by LED retrofitting. Is the area already overlit? What are your lighting needs today and in the future? How long are you planning to occupy the space? Do you plan to add sensors to your commercial fixtures? All of these questions must be answered so you are more assured and confident about the right lighting system for your commercial space. 

It is important to assess every space in your building to determine existing light levels, maintenance expectations, control requirements, and other important factors that can significantly impact your LED choices. There should be a comprehensive audit for every light source in a commercial building. Keep in mind that there are certain special spaces needing more requirements as compared to a standard office. Audit results can be used to further narrow down lighting choices, and experts use footcandle measurements to choose lighting fixtures after identifying needs. One of the biggest challenges of LED retrofitting is figuring out the right fixtures that would work for awnings because there are different types of awnings, and you cannot just look at the lumens per watt  and confident that the fixture will illuminate the awning properly from the top to the bottom. It is important to actually install the lighting fixtures to test it, so a lot of testing must be done to make sure that the color temperature  is just right for your workspaces. As compared to simple exchanges, right-sized retrofits can save more money and energy for overlit areas. Remember that you don't need to have the same types of lamps in all areas to achieve the same light intensity, just ensure that you put the right lighting to the right places. Know more about electricians at

Always figure out your lighting needs first, and you'll be able to identify the right lighting solutions for your business establishment or commercial building. Commercial Markham Electrician highly recommend performing a mockup for all retrofit projects, most especially if the replacement lamps will be used for existing sockets. Mock-up provides an assessment of the rewiring complexity for an LED retrofit lighting system, and the comparison of light distribution for one-to-one replacements is essential to determine the levels of light if it is comparable when you switch from an omnidirectional or fluorescent to a directional of the LED light source. 


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